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Top 3 SEO Ranking factors

There are many factors for SEO ranking but 3 factors most important discussing we are discussing today.

Content : 

What is  in your Mind about content?

Content is the main root of SEO. Content writing isn’t a  thunderstorm. Content is the supreme ranking factor where competitors beat each on top rankings. Depending on many factors quality content helps ranking faster on Search engines. Content has many formats like audio, video, text, infographics, PDFs,  Ebooks and many more. 

Writing content is a good thing but making content quality is better than good content for seo. Duplicate content is made not to rank easier on search engines. .In some cases Google also makes penalties for particular websites for copying content. To provide better information to user google also makes Google Panda update copier content users. 

 How to make quality content?

There are many factors for quality  content. 

  1. Make a table of your content
  2. Keyword density
  3. Avoid duplicate content
  4. Content Recencey
  5. Internal linking 
  6. Outbound linking
  7. Freshness of content
  8. Content Cover in depth
  9. Use multimedia
  10. Use synonyms


Second Most important ranking factor. Backlink means links from other websites. Backlinks are also known as outbound links. Importance of backlinks is that if  a site has a larger amount of links, that signal goes to the search engine’s site having quality. The signal makes the website ranking upwards. 

Links from other websites are not your positive votes on ranking. Their are many rules to get quality backlink:

Linking domain age

Backlink Anchor text

Alt Tag

Quality of linking content

Links from authoritative sites

Page Relevance

Linking domain age

Guest Post

Referring domain 

If you are spamming google may penalize your website using Google Penguin update. 

This helps Google to identify Spam backlinks. 

There are many types of backlinks:

Guest Posting

Profile creation

Social Bookmarking

Directory Submission

Image sharing 

Forum submission


 PDF sharing

Video sharing

PPT sharing

Podcast sharing

Mobile-Friendly update:

Mobile Optimization is a process in which mobile users access a website in an optimized way.  

If your website or page is not optimized for mobile users, Google may decrease website ranking on search engines

Google also indexes mobile-optimized websites first. . One most important thing is that you can reach a wider no. audience. 

To check the mobile-friendly website visit on Google page speed insights tool.

How to optimize a website?

Choose a responsive website design

Improve site speed

Don’t use too many redirects

Don’t use interstitials or pop-ups.

Verify mobile-friendly test 

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